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1980-1985: color photography & text; collaborations with the dead and the invisible.

installation photo installation photo

the images here are from an installation entitled "Invisible Man: The Optical Divinations of E. Porton Down." the text was generated by a process i call "automatic editing." E. Porton Down was a fictive collaborator whose name was derived from Porton Down, site of a major bio-chemical weapon research and development facility in England.

installation photo

above, color photo from the installation, approximately 36"X20". above right, view of one corner of gallery, showing how imagery was wrapped around the gallery walls. at right, view of another corner.

below, b&w shots of installation as it appeared at University of Illinois at Carbondale.

installation photo
installation photo

the wall installation below, "Rules for the Direction of the Mind," incorporates a text of Rene DesCartes' by that name.

installation photo

the piece measures approximately 52" X 16.5'

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