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1986-1989: anarchist works; enemies of the state; premonition of an american civil war.

Dennis Grady photo Dennis Grady photo

in the mid-80's i began a series of anarcho-political works entitled "Enemies of the State." i used historical images and texts as well as "found" photographs, and set up elaborate studio shots to create these large-scale installations. each piece was dedicated to a historical or contemporary figure who had fought against imposed authority.

Dennis Grady photoimages from "Enemies of the State Part One: for Sandino" are shown above. at right and below are sections from "Enemies of the State Part Two: for Leonard Peltier."

Dennis Grady photo

a third installment in this series was dedicated to Graylock, who, in the 1740's, led Abenaki war parties throughout the Northeast, including settlements in Vermont and northern Massachusetts

during this period i also produced "Premonition of an American Civil War," which was an homage to classical anarchism. it included texts by Prudhomme, Kropotkin and Emma Goldman. the title of the piece was an allusion to Dali's "Premonition of the Spanish Civil War," which referred to Franco's overthrow of the anarcho-collectivist republic.

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